Climax with a stranger..

“..Catching her off guard, he pushed her gently back against the bed. Parting her legs, he knelt down and gently flicked his tongue over her most sensitive part. Waves of pleasure began to pulsate through her body. Moving his attention to her lips, he gently parted them with his tongue and began to taste her, prompting moans of desire.


His soft, confident movements elicited a spontaneous response from her body, as she pushed her warm, wet pussy towards him. Spreading her legs wider, she implored him to enter her. She did not have to wait long; seconds later, she felt his hard penis pushing against her, easing its way in with little resistance from her body. His movements were slow and sensual.


With each thrust, she felt her body shudder, responding to the sheer eroticism of fulfilling her fantasy of making love to a complete stranger. For both of them, it seemed, the passion was too great to resist; his thrusts became more urgent and it was just moments before they were both climaxing, giving themselves entirely to the sheer pleasure of that moment..”


A Chance Encounter – An Erotic Story of Submission, by Jo Benfield

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